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Frequently Asked Questions About Microdermabrasion

Women and men can take control over unwanted skin conditions by undergoing microdermabrasion. The treatments don’t take an extensive period of time to complete. They are performed in about thirty minutes. The following are frequently asked questions about skin exfoliation and microdermabrasion.

What is Accomplished Through Microdermabrasion?

This procedure limits visibility of age spots. It eliminates the effects of hyperpigmentation. The treatment could also address stretch marks. They address enlarged pores and acne as well. The clinician removes the top layer of skin. This improves the overall look of the skin.

Can the Treatment Help with Collagen Production?

Yes, the treatment could thicken existing collagen. The stimulation of collagen can produce a more youthful appearance. The procedure can stimulate the production of collagen to keep the skin looking younger for many years. It is important to ensure that collagen production is high to reduce the signs of aging.

Can the Treatment Get Rid of Scars Completely?

No, microdermabrasion cannot eliminate scars completely. Patients may need to undergo dermabrasion to receive more dramatic results. However, the procedure can limit visibility of scars. Patients would have to undergo multiple treatments to achieve maximum results.

Can the Procedure Eliminate Severe Cases of Acne?

Yes, the procedure has been beneficial in eliminating severe forms of acne. They remove dirt and oil from the pores. The patient’s pores become smaller and their skin becomes tighter. It also eliminates bacteria that is known to lead to acne. Additionally, patients who schedule frequent treatments can reduce the signs of acne-related scars.

Does the Procedure Require Any Additional After-Care Instructions?

Yes, all patients are advised to stay out of the sun for the first 24-hours after the treatment. They’ll need to apply sunscreen to their face for at least the first week. However, they can wear cosmetics the next day. If they develop an infection, they should contact their clinician immediately.

Patients who choose to undergo microdermabrasion improve their skin quickly. They eliminate existing acne and reduce the visible signs of aging. These opportunities allow them to address oily or complex skin without major difficulty. Patients who want to acquire the treatments should contact their preferred clinician right now.