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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Only 177 Days Until Christmas – Start Preparing Now!

I trust that you realize that the Christmas holidays are less than 6 months away.  Given all a person has to do to prepare for Christmas these days, it is best for someone to start getting ready early.  For example, take advantage of the long days right now to do those tasks that usually require a lot of outdoor light and warm weather.  Store all your packing and decorating material in a place where they will be safely protected but easily accessible.  And begin gathering essential holiday materials now, rather than waiting until after Thanksgiving as we once did.  This year you can order a really good artificial tree from Balsam Hill at a 40% discount and free delivery when purchased with a Groupon discount.  These trees are internationally known and used by major displayers and retailers around the world.  The suppliers also sell ornaments, accessories, and lights designed to enhance the beauty of the artificial trees they market.

In addition to trees and artificial plants you can consider getting the holiday wreath you’ve always wanted for your front door.  Just think how inviting your home will feel with proper lighting, an outdoor wreath and your stately Balsam Hill tree lit and standing tall indoors.   With a little pre-planning, you will be ready when this Christmas comes around!  And you can avoid the effects of asthma, pine needles and weather that always can be a problem with a fresh-cut live tree.

Christmas is not Christmas without presents, food, candy and entertainment.  The entertainment is best provided by the individual homeowners and family.  The other items can also be purchased online from Balsam Hill.  You can use a Groupon to order large amounts of treats and candy in bulk to have available for your guests and visitors.  All of these preparations can be made while you are taking a break from your summer chores, because using a money saving Groupon can be done using your smart phone.  And you can savor the fact that you won’t be struggling to get a tree at the last minute, or put up lights while wrapping presents on the night before Christmas.  Make it a truly joyous holiday this season!  Celebrate Christmas in July with a pre-order of a world-famous Balsam Hill Christmas tree.