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Monthly Archives: January 2017

OneCape Health News Celebrates Major News Features


(Hyannis, MA)–OneCape Health News has recently announced that their team has a reason to celebrate: one of their best stories has been featured in a few major news outlets, including Forbes, The Huffington Post and ABC News. The publication was established as Cape Cod’s go-to source for timely, informative, and credible health news. The widespread reporting of stories that OneCape originally captured means that the publication now has an even broader reach.

Chris Houghton, a spokesperson for OneCape Health News, stated “We are beyond excited that major news outlets are turning to OneCape Health News to find stories that are both engaging and informative. Our team is proud of the fact that every story is not only written by experienced journalists who are committed to accurate reporting, but all of them feature advice and commentary from a medical or health professional. We appreciate that other news outlets have recognized and are able to benefit from the hard work and passion we put into OneCape’s stories.”

OneCape Health News features stories in a variety of relevant categories, including Addiction, Children’s Health, Diet and Nutrition, Living with Chronic Conditions, and more. Some of the more popular come from categories like Community Health and Cancer Care, such as the account of a dedicated respiratory therapist who made a generous bequest to the Cape Cod Healthcare Foundation before she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. The most recent story to be picked up by major news outlets was that of a student athlete whose life was saved when his Apple Watch alerted him to his prolonged elevated heart rate after practice. As it turns out, the teen was later diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. This particular story can be seen at

As Houghton went on to say, “Whether we’re talking about aging well or showing people how to take better care of their cardiovascular health, our goal is always to publish stories that reflect the excellent healthcare found in our community. We know that healthcare is ever-changing and often confusing, and we want to keep our patients, families, and community well-informed about how they can improve their well-being.”

Readers who are interested in learning more about OneCape Health News or subscribing to their publication should visit for more information.

About OneCape Health News:

OneCape Health News is Cape Cod’s go-to source for timely, informative and credible health news. Engaging stories provide the latest health information, with expert advice and commentary from local doctors and other providers. The news hub is filled with engaging stories, videos, photos, infographics and more. The content is created by a team of experienced journalists who are trained in accurately reporting and producing compelling news stories in a variety of formats, all in a style that is engaging and accessible.


4 Lessons Learned: Health

What You Have to Know About SmartLipo for Women Just a few women are completely happy with the shape of their body. So many would go for a diet and they are going to exercise endlessly but if they are going to check their appearance in the mirror, they become dissatisfied with what they see. Getting some help would make more sense at times. Nobody is perfect but with SmartLipo, you can look great in no time. With a traditional liposuction, one would be under anesthesia so they won’t be aware of the procedure. Such is because the doctor should make incisions and use an instrument known as cannula, this would suck the fat out of the affected area. Since the fat is sucked and also scraped out in a back-and-forth motion. There are a lot of patients who have selected the traditional liposuction are at times suffering from scars, bruising and soreness. There are times that anesthesia would make people feel ill and it would also make the patients feel groggy for one hour following the operation. With the SmartLipo, you could be awake on the entire procedure. The small incision is made just below or above the area which is affected and the doctor would use three various heat degrees of laser to melt the fat. The first laser is going to melt the fat. It is the second laser that would help the body tighten the skin naturally. The third laser is going to cauterize the small incision, keeping any blood loss low and promote healing.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Doctors
Since there is no anesthesia, the SmartLipo procedures are much cheaper as compared to the traditional liposuction treatments. Moreover, this means that patients can get the procedure in the doctor’s office rather than going to the surgery center or hospital. You should know that the traditional liposuction procedures can at times be painful, especially after the procedure when you are trying to heal. Also, the patients should wear a compression garment for many weeks after the procedure and this doesn’t just promote healing but would also assist the skin in retaining the new shape without sagging.
Lessons Learned from Years with Professionals
With SmartLipo, because laser is used and the initial incision is small, the healing would start shortly after the incision is cauterized with final laser treatment and skin starting to tighten and heal immediately. The patient should still wear the compression garment. Through the SmartLipo, the patients would only wear the garment for a few days and the skin is tightened while the procedure is going on. When you go for liposuction, it is really important that you must find a good plastic surgeon who can do this. There are a lot of plastic surgeons that you can find but you must go through the reviews to have a really good one.

Why Professionals Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Minimally-Invasive Operations.

Technology is concentrating on making things smaller and better. Electronic devices that are quite powerful have become more and more modest, and there is no sector where this is more accurate than that of the health-related sciences.

A few of the greatest advancements are allowing physicians and surgeons the opportunity to do procedures that leave practically no visible scarring and allow patients to return to their daily tasks sooner than anyone could ever imagine. Specifically, physicians in the area of aesthetic medicine are providing their patients transformative processes that become more of a little nuisance rather than on full surgical procedures.

These new “minimally-invasive” methods are getting lots of attention from doctors and also the public, for their innovative approach to cosmetic services. Conventionally, the phrase “aesthetic process” would evoke images of a masked surgeon helping to lift, augment and reduce his patients according to their unique anatomical wishes. Now, physicians can provide patients similar – if not indistinguishable – results to cosmetic surgery with little more than a local anesthetic as well as a dime-sized incision.

What makes this minimally-invasive type of treatment a reality is using laser technologies to replace the need for excessive cutting. Instead of using scalpel to do all of the functions, physicians will make a little incision near the surgical site, after that insert a cannula with a built-in laser fiber which navigates to the regions of either undesired fat or inflexible tissue and administers changing wavelengths of thermal power to coagulate the tissue and cauterize any blood flow.

One of the most popular kinds of minimally-invasive cosmetic medicine comes from SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis. As one may deduce from the name, SmartLipo is a sort liposuction but eliminates the use for exceedingly-invasive operation. The SmartLipo laser can be used to tackle areas of unrequired fat treats the locations with beats by treating the target regions with beats of thermal vitality to basically melt the fat tissue which can be metabolized and lost from the body naturally.

The Cellulaze Cellulite Remedy is another procedure that blossomed from this minimally -invasive motion, and claims to be the best cellulite treatment currently available.

Because the incisions made are so inconspicuous, the chance of severe blood loss is substantially reduced via the usage of minimally-invasive remedies. Additionally, the blood vessels can coagulate immediately, preventing the human anatomy from losing lots of blood. The enhanced safety of a minimally-invasive procedure could be extremely attractive to a surgery first-timer who is apprehensive to give to commit to the surgeon’s table.

Patients are consistently glad to discover the recovery time proposed for these processes is minimal and they’re able to typically go back to their daily routines within shortly after the procedure. After viewing how popular these remedies have become, several physicians have started training with one of these minimally-invasive methodologies to provide their patients the most efficient cosmetic procedure available. Visit a cosmetic specialty practice near you to understand how the body can be contoured by these treatments that are exceptional and get you back on your feet!.

Getting Creative With Professionals Advice

Benefits Of Pediatricians

A pediatrician is an expert human services specialist who gives medicinal care to kids. As adolescents are energetic their safe system is ordinarily delicate from now on they tend to be at a risk of getting pollutions and illnesses in this manner it is always fitting for the tyke to have a pediatrician will’s personality prepared to treat them or give recommendations on the most ideal approach to ensure that the child is strong. There are several factors however that the parent should keep into consideration when they want to choose a pediatrician for their child.

One of the elements that an individual ought to mull over is the area of the wellbeing office, in that the parent ought to have the capacity to pick a human services office that is advantageous in a route that if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis the parent can have the capacity to achieve the clinic as quick as they can instead of picking a medicinal services office that is miles and miles away. One should also consider going through referrals when looking for a pediatrician in that one should be able to get referrals from family and friends on the best pediatric care for the child since they have had contact with several pediatricians and they can be able to give recommendation on the best pediatrician.

One should also put into consideration the communication style of the pediatrician in that a parent should be able to choose a pediatrician whom they feel comfortable with, one that the parent can turn to for advice and at the same time one should also observe the communication style between the doctor and other patients this is because kids tend to be playful and stubborn at the same time hence it is equally important to choose someone that is good with children , one that the parent will feel comfortable with.

One should also consider the quality of health care that is being provided by the hospital this is because different hospitals offer different qualities of health care hence one should ensure that the provides good quality health care and this helps in relieving stress from a parent as they do not have to worry about the quality of services that will be provided by the hospital. One ought to likewise put into thought the sexual orientation of the specialist they wish to treat their tyke this is on account of as youngsters grow up they have a tendency to be somewhat timid particularly when they have a tendency to get treated with a specialist of the inverse sex, subsequently prudent for guardians to put into thought the sex of the specialist.

Support: visit their website

A Beginners Guide To Science

What You Can Treat With the Right Stem Cell Therapy Although people have been able to enjoy the benefits of all kinds of scientific improvements in the world, you’ll find that medicine is a field where there has been especially strong growth. Regardless of the scope of your own health problems, there is a very good chance that scientists and doctors have come up with treatments that can make you much healthier. Even if you’re a little bit frightened of having to undergo this treatment, you’re going to find that the end result will be well worth the anxiety. This is especially true when it comes to stem cell treatment options. With the help of science, there have been a lot of different kinds of ways in which stem cells have been shown to spur on the development of all kinds of new human tissues. When you do a bit of preliminary research into the various types of stem cell therapy out there for your health issues, you will soon be able to come to a conclusion about how to treat it. If you’d like to get a much better sense of the kinds of treatments that are out there for various health problems, consider the following information. You’re going to find that treatment for COPD is one of the most common uses for all kinds of stem cell research. Because of the fact that COPD is a disease of the lungs that will lead to breathing issues, you can see why all of the treatments being devised are designed to improve the function of the lungs. You’ll find that the right types of stem cell treatments are going to be perfect for ensuring that you’re getting the kind of hope for your future that you need after years of struggling to breathe effectively at all.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Education
If you’re looking for a good stem cell treatment for MS, you’ll be in luck these days. You’re going to find that the right type of natural stem cell treatment is going to be exactly what you’ll need to ensure that you’re getting the ideal sense of hope about your health and about your future. Because scientists continue to develop new sorts of treatments for all kinds of MS, you will be able to find something that can make you feel stronger and healthier in no time.
The Ultimate Guide to Science
If you’re struggling with any kind of health problem, you’ll find that there are a wide range of great treatments that you can use in service of your health. When you’ve seen just how effective these types of stem cell treatments can be, you’ll find it very easy to be able to solve all kinds of health problems.

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Tips for Selecting a Pediatrician

It is very common to find children get sick many times and they need the a doctor’s attention and treatment in order to recover as soon as possible. This is where the services of a professional pediatrician will come in handy as they are able to offer the right treatment to your child. Pediatricians who know how to relate to children well are the best for one to hire as the kids will be very comfortable when they are around them. When looking for a good child pediatrician, one should put a couple of factors into consideration. Searching for a pediatrician for your kids early enough will really come in handy. Immediately one gives birth, they should start looking for a good pediatrician to avoid last minute rush.

One can choose to ask for recommendations from their neighbors, friends and relatives as well for good pediatricians. They will refer you to the best pediatricians whom they have received services from. Visiting a local children’s hospital will also come in handy for those people who are in a new location where they can get the facility to vouch for great pediatricians. These hospitals will be able to refer you to a good pediatrician since they use their services on a daily basis. It is important to get details on the pediatrician and get into contact with them as soon as possible.

Visiting various pediatricians’ offices beforehand will play an important role in determining the best specialist to hire for your children. When visiting the health facility, one should check to see the condition of the waiting room. The waiting room for the health facility should be child-friendly by equipping it with toys and other items children can play with. The staff working in such a health facility should be very professional and friendly as well. Interviewing a couple of pediatricians before settling for the right one will come in handy. This will help one know the age group that the doctor deals with, whether they have busy schedules and the quality of services they offer to their clients.

In order to handle kids professionally, pediatricians should be very competent. One can even ask for their qualifications such as certifications and licenses which allow them to operate. The certifications of these professionals guarantee one of them having sufficient training to handle such cases.

When selecting the best pediatrician, one should consider their experience. Pediatricians who have handled more cases are more bound to offer better services as compared to those who have been in the field for a shorter period of time. It is crucial to take your child to a pediatrician when they fall in in order to receive treatment.

What Research About Services Can Teach You

How to Pick a Pediatrician A lot of parents with kids keep their pediatrician’s office number saved in their cell phones, jotted down by the home phone, and tapped up in the medicine cupboard. This is no surprise considering the importance of a pediatrician’s role in your child’s health. Since newborns require a minimum of six trips to a doctor within their first year of life; it is crucial to pick a physician that you want and trust. Picking a pediatrician for your child is like choosing your child’s babysitter. You need somebody you could trust with managing daughter or your precious son. While babysitters and nannies should care for a child in the day-to-day activities while you’re gone such as napping and playing, your pediatrician must when your kid is hurting and sick, as well as healthy. To find the best pediatrician for your child, you’ll find several matters that you must think about. First, is the doctor’s office found in a good, convenient place? If not, you may get tired of having to drive for miles and miles to the office, which can delay your chance to visit the pediatrician and help your kid. make a list of doctors in your area and use it as among the things to help narrow your selection down.
3 Experts Tips from Someone With Experience
Next, Before your child being born, you should ponder meeting up with your possible pediatricians. In this manner, you can if the office waiting location appeals to you. Look for sanitation, in addition to toys or books for children to work with while they are waiting to see the physician. Additionally, you can get to know the support and nursing personnel to see if you would feel comfortable with them doling out photographs and assessing your kid.
3 Experts Tips from Someone With Experience
You ought to consider asking things about her or his schooling, training, and certification once you are together with the pediatrician. You wish to be sure the doctor is not unqualified. Additionally, it is a good idea to talk about little things such as his or her family life, etc. So as to get to know the doctor’s character. As you may have to spend a number of hours on various trips to the office, you have to be sure that you love being around the pediatrician. It may aid your child feel comfy around him or her as well, if you should be not uncomfortable around this person. Last but not least, one thing to double check would be to make sure your chosen pediatrician is included in your medical insurance. This can help you pay for the visits of these doctor’s visits. Some kinds of health insurance nevertheless allow you to visit your pediatrician even if she or he is not listed on the coverage.

Where To Start with Services and More

Assisted Living Birmingham: Reasons Why You Need to Choose Assisted Living Most seniors or elders prefer to spend the rest of their lives living at home, and still want to enjoy the activities they used to with their families, friends and neighbors like anybody does. However elders may still become isolated even though neighborhoods are safe, because many of the old neighbors have moved away or died. Many times a move to an assisted living facility gives our elderly loved ones a new lease on life. Seniors tend to hang onto their homes, sleep in a couch on the living room and climb long flights of stairs to go to the bathroom since older homes have bedrooms and bathrooms on a second floor. Aside from stairs, there are many real hazards that predispose an elderly to slip and falls, such as carpets, tiles, furniture placement, footwear, and so on. Seniors are terrified with the idea of leaving their homes, so they are reluctant about it and other changes in life, but their old home is not necessarily the best place for them. Let us help enlighten our seniors and elders regarding the important benefits of moving to assisted living or nursing homes, affecting their safety, meals, transportation, socialization and psychological being. Give sufficient time for your elderly loved ones to absorb and realize the importance of moving away from the family home, because it takes a gradual process for them to accept it, and move slowly with compassion when convincing them, and you’ll be surprised that they are eventually thrilled with the change. The architecture and engineering behind assisted living facilities are designed in order to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for seniors or elders. Elderly people are at great risk for attack or burglary if they stay at home, whereas they’re completely safe and supervised in an assisted living facility, because of secure entrances, staff supervision, alert systems and monitoring devices. Assisted living facilities prepare and provide nutritious meals with variety choices of food, and they have company while they are eating. Assisted living facilities also have kitchenette should seniors or elders want to cook and prepare their meals, and most importantly, eating is more enjoyable and they can eat better because of the pull of communal dining where people have company for their meal. Most assisted living facilities offer group transportation for shopping and community events, assisting elders to go where they want to go safely, which is really excite elders. Seniors can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous repair people and contractors, and moving in a senior home care facility free elders from repair responsibilities as these are addressed by the management. Socialization help elders enjoy the company of peers through listening to music, playing cards, exercising, going to community events and have people come in to provide entertainment.A 10-Point Plan for Homes (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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The Essential Laws of Caregivers Explained

What Can You Get With Assisted Living? It is clear that assisted living has been an option for some people. It is in assisted living that seniors will be able to experience a greater emphasis on living. It is the residents that can experience personal care services, medical services, leisurely pursuits, and a high level of social interaction. The advantage that one can get in an assisted living is what we will be talking about in this article. With assisted living, the residents will have a supportive community. An exclusively designed areas and apartments is what seniors will get plus they will also have a home cooked style meal served to them in a restaurant style. There will also be dietary restrictions for all of the residents. They will be able to experience a supportive community when it comes to active and comfortable life that they have. The staffs that are working in the facility are friendly and will be ready to serve its residents. All of the time, there will be assistance given to the residents. No matter how small or big the needs of the residents, the staff will be ready to give the assistance. There will be an access to the staff no matter what time of day it is. The residents will always have help when it comes to their dressing, medication and mobilization needs. The residents that are living in the facility will be treated with respect and dignity. Each resident will have their very own personal care needs and it will be provided to them accordingly. The faculty will, treat each and every one as family that is why they will be treated as a member of the family.
Lessons Learned from Years with Caregivers
There is also a homey feeling inside the facility. They will be provided with their very own bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchenette, and a comfortable living space. Overall the residents will have a secure and safe environment to live in.
Looking On The Bright Side of Services
There will also a number of different activities that the residents can engaged in. It is the residents that will have cultural, social, educational and interactive opportunities. It is the residents that will be able to express themselves which helps them become active. For this that also needs some time alone can also have it. There will also be a comprehensive program that provides a customized care of their residents. It is in an assisted living facility that a number of people already wants to live in it due to the number of different advantage that they can get. It is in an assisted facility that residents will feel a compassion from the people that runs it.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Medications

Important Facts About Medical Practices You must understand that every state has their own set of rules and regulations about health care practices. Medical institutions that are not fully aware of the laws and regulations of their state might be in danger because they might not have met the requirements needed to operate. Every medical institution should understand all the legalities in medical practices because it can help them handle situations with their patients. Medical Establishment Formation Every practitioner of medicine should make sure that the medical institutions they are working with are following the rules and regulations set by your state. It is a must that every medical institution should comply with all the requirements and must follow all the rules before they operate in their business. A reliable medical institution should have their license and permit ready before they could operate. Take note that some medical practices can only be performed by medical institutions that are accredited by government agencies.
What Do You Know About Health
Complying with the Federal Laws of Health Care
Interesting Research on Health – What You Didn’t Know
Disclosure of medical records of patients in a medical institution is not allowed according to the federal health law. There are sensitive information in every medical record that should not be disclosed to the public. According to the federal health law, any incorrect disclosure of sensitive information in a medical record of the patient is considered a criminal offense. How to search for the best medical agency The following are a few tips that you have to consider when searching for a good medical institution to care for your health. There are reliable medical institution that you could find through the internet. However, the best way of finding the most reliable one is through the recommendations of your friends or your relatives. There is a high chance that a friend or family of yours have experienced getting treatment or any form of medical procedure in a medical institution. You can get more info about medical practices once you visit reliable websites on the internet. The staff of a medical establishment should be one of the very first things you have to check. It is imperative that a medical institution should have professional staff before they could provide quality health care services to their patients. You must also take time to know if their doctors and other medical practitioners are experienced professionals. The scope of medical insurances being allowed by a medical establishment should be something you have to check also. There are some medical institutions which only allow a few medical insurance companies for their patients. There are further information included at this website.